High Tides, Good Vibes

Plunge headfirst into uncharted waters with our signature cocktails
Our Journey

Life is all about diving headfirst into the deepest waters

Take the plunge into a sensory adventure with Blue Shark Vodka.

All the taste without the bite, our vodka captures every cool, crisp flavor you want in a quality pour. So have a sip and let the current take you to uncharted waters, because we’re setting a new standard of vodka and it’ll drive your taste buds wild.

Welcome Aboard

Avast! Here’s all the news that’s fit to print… 

From the latest in Blue Shark news to contests, promotions, announcements, and more—guaranteed not to bite. You will find it all right here!

Our Signature Cocktail

Surf’s Up

Introducing our very own signature cocktail: the Surfside Sipper.

Indulge in a refreshing blend of sweet and tangy citrus notes and the trademark taste of Blue Shark Vodka.

Recipes from the Reef

There are countless ways to enjoy Blue Shark Vodka, either in classic cocktails or in a few of our tailored concoctions.

Blue Shark lends itself to a sea of flavors and personal tastes, in both classic cocktails and our tailored concoctions. Embark on a journey and discover your favorite way to indulge in our signature vodka.

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