About Us

We're all about high tides and good vibes
Who We Are

There is a Dutch proverb that says, “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

Our Purpose

We have formulated a fantastic spirit.

One incredibly smooth vodka, which might someday win gold medals.

Made from gluten-free, non-GMO Carolina corn, Blue Shark Vodka appeals to all—for those who labor, those who run companies, those who prefer to relax, and those who enjoy a weekend outing or get-together. Join your friends for a good time!

Ours is distilled four times, then filtered three more times. We work hard every day to stay on course, best the competition, and remain confident that our compass keeps us heading true north and driven for perfection.

Our Motto

Steady as she goes.

On numerous occasions Chief would talk about the rigorous nautical training all Midshipmen received at the US Naval Academy.

Everyone studied Navigation and Seamanship and nautical terminology was always important. In fact, we all learned that to the helmsman on a United States naval vessel, when the Officer of the Deck commands, “STEADY AS SHE GOES,” the helmsman must steady the ship on the course it is heading at the time the order is given. If the ship is swinging at the time, the heading must be noted and the lubber’s line brought back to and steadied on it as soon as possible!

For our Blue Shark Vodka project, these four words took on new meaning. Even when we felt that things were not going well, we knew that we all had to remain calm… steady as she goes.