Atlantic Shark Institute

Atlantic Shark Institute

The Atlantic Shark Institute is a shark research organization dedicated to funding and supporting the Atlantic’s best shark scientists and researchers in an open and collaborative way. These respected scientists and organizations benefit from their support and their research donors by providing funding for a wide variety of high value shark research projects. In essence, they provide the resources needed to do critical shark research, collaborate and to be a unified voice to represent the elasmobranch scientific community. Through this unique model they can assist in research, management, conservation and awareness of large predatory sharks in the Atlantic region.

Jon Dodd is the Executive Director…..he leads the team! Jon has spent his entire life on the water with a particular focus and affinity for sharks. Having caught and released almost 900 sharks and having tagged approximately 500 of those for various shark research projects, Jon employs a hands-on approach and tireless commitment to this much-needed research. He earned a biology degree from the University of Rhode Island with an emphasis on fisheries and has worked as a volunteer at the National Marine Fisheries Service Apex Predator Investigation and holds an Advanced Open Water dive certification, and has been diving for almost 40 years.

Research Project (2019) Acoustic Receiver Deployment and Oversight
Last year, the Atlantic Shark Institute, deployed acoustic receivers in the Atlantic Ocean. The deployment of acoustic receivers capable of recording shark movements is of significant value to scientists studying movement ecology. Placed in strategic locations, these receivers detect and log the presence of sharks tagged by researchers with acoustic transmitters. With each shark getting a unique transmitter code, scientists use these data to determine exactly those species that are present in a specific area and when. This research aids in understanding the residency and migration patterns of sharks. The Atlantic Shark Institute deploys these receivers in desired locations, retrieves data, and removes the receivers at the end of each season. They plan to triple the number of Atlantic Shark Institute receivers being deployed in 2020 to significantly increase the size of the Shark Array and the value of this research.

Atlantic Shark Institute provides critical support and resources to the most respected shark researchers working in the northwest Atlantic. The result is high quality shark research completed in an open and collaborative way. The goal of the Atlantic Shark Institute is to help these researchers answer the most pressing questions concerning the biology, survival and sustainability of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

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