Blue Shark Vodka to Launch Statewide

Blue Shark Vodka to Launch Statewide

Plans Underway for Blue Shark Preservation

Blue Shark Vodka is ready to ring in the New Year with a steady stream of announcements, including a measured expansion throughout the state of North Carolina, beach sweeps, and a preservation effort for blue sharks.

“We are back, and we’ll be bigger than ever in 2020,” said Mark “Chief” Bloomquist, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Creative Officer. “Our team is chomping at the bit and ready to single up all lines and coast off.”

In addition to launching at all ABC stores across North Carolina, Blue Shark Vodka plans more details and announcements beginning on March 1st, including a promotion called Last Drink. Likewise, the company has begun to roll out its “I GOT ONE” campaign. Sightings of Blue Shark Vodka bottles are populating on the company’s website:

The Bloomquist family is also expanding its focus on the dilemma of blue sharks and is finalizing plans to organize and conduct three new beach sweeps planned for summer 2020.

“Blue sharks are among the most docile of all shark species,” said the brand’s newly appointed Blue Shark Savior and Shark Ambassador Doug Lane. (Actually, Doug now works as Vice-President for all the New England States, too.). “We are looking for ways to preserve this misunderstood member of the shark family so that they will be around for many more hundreds and thousands of years.”

Lane, who resides in Salem, Mass., is master scuba diver with more than 3,200 logged dives and a certified marine pilot. He lives close by Oceanic Research Group, Blue Shark Vodka’s partner for shark preservation, and is already an established associate of the organization.

“Through strategic and timed ocean sweeps, Blue Shark Vodka plans to help keep the blue sharks’ environment free of trash and other dangerous materials and chemicals,” said Lane. “Our oceans play an important role in preserving the ecological balance between man and nature.”

Blue Shark Vodka will lead from the front and donate all profits from the sales of their smooth Carolina vodka when operations expand to the New England area at a future, yet to be determine date. For now, the company has developed a winning plan to ensure that products are available throughout North Carolina.

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