Blue Thursday

Blue Thursday

December 19th is officially Blue Thursday—the day that Blue Shark Vodka bottles are fully stocked and available at North Carolina ABC stores. After an amazing initial launch and faster-than-expected sell-out followed by a drought in the southern portion of North Carolina, our production was on hold due to lost crops.

Our trusty Farmer Jeff came to the rescue…..and now that our next round of sweet Carolina corn is grown and harvested. Yes, we’ve gone through our next production and bottled our one-of-a-kind liquor for all to enjoy—just in time for the holiday season.

This time around, you’ll discover an improved and even stronger bottle and an updated stopper. And ABC stores will see our Blue Shark Vodka bottles arriving in high-quality, branded packaging. Pick up a bottle of Blue Shark Vodka for your holiday celebrations and get togethers with family and friends.

And remember S.O.S. Always be Sensible, Observant, and Safe when consuming alcoholic beverages.

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