Don't You Dare

If you’re thinking about it… Don’t You Dare!

We must let you know…

Refilling liquor bottles is a violation of Federal Law under 26 U.S. Code § 5301, specifically in subsection c. All 50 US States also have a law that prohibits refilling liquor bottles, along with every country in the world that regulates the sale of liquor.

There are many reasons why law enforcement authorities do not want liquor bottles refilled. One reason is tax avoidance. Each bottle of liquor is taxed either by the bottle or by volume throughout the world. Reusing liquor bottles is tax fraud, which is an enforcement issue that is taken seriously by government officials everywhere.

The more crucial factor to be considered when liquor bottles are refilled or reused is consumer deception. As a consumer, you should know which liquor you are getting in your glass and which liquor you are paying for.

Unfortunately, some bars serving liquor have used a practice known as marrying bottles. To eliminate excess open bottles of the same liquor on display, the practice has been to pour leftover liquor into another bottle. It’s a seemingly innocent process that can result in harm.

Marrying bottles increase the chance of cross contamination—even within the same brand of alcohol. The liquor could have come from different distillation batches. And if one batch should be recalled for a quality problem, the bottle code no longer reflects its true contents once bottles have been mixed.

Marrying bottles is illegal in all 50 States and by most Liquor Control Boards and laws throughout the world. Marrying bottles is only one step away from the more nefarious practice of refilling and reusing liquor bottles. Finally, a few bars are refilling liquor bottles with a profit motive in mind. These scoundrels take a premium brand liquor bottle (like Blue Shark Vodka) and refill it with a lesser grade liquor. So, as the consumer, you pay for top-shelf liquor. But that’s not really what you’re getting.

So… Don’t You Dare! No scoundrels allowed… unless you want to walk the plank, or we’ll send you directly to Davy Jones’s Locker!