Hark! So, got yer some questions, eh?

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, shiver me timbers… we’ve got the answers right here.

Got a question you can’t find here? Drop us a line and we won’t make you scallywags walk the plank!

Where can I buy Blue Shark Vodka?

The first bottles of Blue Shark Vodka were released and made available for purchase at North Carolina ABC Stores in Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding area on June 21, 2019.

Please remember that time, tide, and formations wait for no one!

Can I order Blue Shark Vodka direct or online?

We are not able to sell Blue Shark Vodka online or ship it direct. Here’s why… following the prohibition era, Congress mandated that the sale of distilled spirits is required to go through a wholesaler that is a separate entity from the distiller. The designated wholesaler is then able to sell the distilled spirits to a liquor store.

How did you get that blue shark in the bottle? IT’S INCREDIBLE!

Shiver me timbers… we can’t give away all of our secrets. That’s a question that only Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, can answer.

What can I do with my Blue Shark Vodka bottle when it’s empty?

Most people want to keep their Blue Shark Vodka bottle. Look for great ideas to reuse and repurpose your keepsake bottle on our social media pages and on The Shark Blog. And who knows, Chief Creative Officer has proposed a new contest for the Summer of 2020. However, if you must dispose of your bottle, we ask that you please do the responsible thing and recycle.

How can I find out about upcoming Blue Shark Vodka events and promotions?

Thar she blows! Our Events Team is always assembling events and activities for Blue Shark Vodka. Keep a sharp watch out for upcoming events listed in the Events Section of our website. Our captain wants her P.O.D. to be posted on Instagram, too.

What are your nutritional values?

Blue Shark Vodka is produced using gluten-free, non-GMO corn grown in Polkton, NC. We bought the whole field! And we’ve been there for the plowing, planting, harvesting, and cleaning. Who else does that?!

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Who owns Blue Shark Vodka?

Our Captain and her crew.

Do you give distillery tours?

At present, our insurance policy precludes scheduling any visits or tours. But, stay tuned for future announcements over the 1MC via social media and The Shark Blog!

Do you plan to offer flavors?

Not us! We’re keeping it simple! But, we’re working on a 1.5-liter bottle that will debut in the Spring of 2020!

How do you make Blue Shark Vodka?

Ah now… that’s another secret we can’t give away. Here’s what we can tell you…
Our distilling process involves three key elements: distillation, mellowing, and filtering. First, our Carolina corn is distilled four times. Then it’s allowed to mellow for a minimum of 28 days. Finally, each small batch is filtered three times. Our goal is simple: work carefully to ensure that each batch is perfect… and to make the world’s finest vodka!

How do I become an Ambassador?

Our crew sure wont be shanghaied! We will post all openings on our website and on all social media platforms.

What are your future plans?

We will keep our sails unfurled and spinnaker made ready (should we sail off the wind). We are a fun lovin’, hard workin’ team. Our crew has plotted a course that will take us on an incredible journey! Jump on board for the ride!