Ode to Blue Shark

Ode to Blue Shark

Alas! You’ve tasted Blue Shark Vodka—smooth and divine,
A handcrafted drink and bottle launched near NC’s coastline.

And first, a bit o’ history ’bout Blue Shark’s origin…
A swig topped off with the mighty blue shark fin.

Ahoy! Look! Thar’s a sunken pirate ship,
Tribute to the waves of our great ocean trip!

Aye, guard the pirate flag, worthy of deep-sea salute,
Stede Bonnet’s Jolly Roger proclaimed our mission absolute!

We set out in search of the best corn in the land,
World class, grown by sun, and sown by farmhand.

Searching Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and PA,
Then Florida, Georgia, and the state of OK…

To find choice maize sprout in our southern homestead
Thanks to Farmer Jeff and North Carolina’s pure clay of red.

He toils night and day with a wee bit of rest
Raising sweet white corn that’s unquestionably best,

Selected by our CEO—both sophisticated and hip.
Aye, aye! She stands proud, the Captain of our legend-in-the making shark ship.

Now, peruse through our witty, regaling Shark Blog
While you sit back, relax, and imbibe of some of the WB’s most incredible grog!

Above all, remember to ne’er drink and drive,
For we want all you shark baits to stay blimey alive!

Most outstandingly, we’re forever proud to say,
Premium Blue Shark Vodka’s made the good ol’ American way!