Our Labels

Label Story

Starting a spirits business is challenging! The regulations, distribution, packaging, and distribution, marketing, and distribution, staffing, and distribution, the social reach, and more…

You have to be daring to make a bold introduction in a demanding market. And that’s just what we did!

We began by hiring a national firm to conduct three focus groups with carefully selected attendees. It was unanimous… all participants loved the name BLUE SHARK VODKA.

Next, we held a design competition. The winner, Francesca—a most talented artist from Verona, Italy—captured the essence of Blue Shark Vodka on the back labels of the bottle. Francesca worked closely with Turner Labels providing 3 different test runs. After a great deal of time and money, the artwork for the front and back labels was ready for prime time.

And a tip of the hat to Kevin Lee, owner of Studio Place in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Now the fun begins. Until then, keep roaring and enjoy life. Peace be with you!