A Tale of 4 Bottles

Introducing Blue Shark Vodka…

But not just any vodka. We’re talking top-shelf quality, smoothness, and a bottle like none other. You’ve heard of a ship in a bottle, but what about a shark in a bottle?

When it comes to crafting a premium, unique vodka, our number one driver has been quality: quality in how we run our business and quality in how we produce our vodka. From pure ingredients and a dedicated team to top-notch manufacturing and bottling processes, every bottle of Blue Shark Vodka is made with the heart and soul of our skilled workers.

In case you missed it, every shark is handmade. Yes! We wouldn’t have it any other way. And so it follows that every Blue Shark Vodka bottle is handblown around each crafted shark. Yes, every single one!

No two blue sharks are alike. And no two bottles of Blue Shark Vodka are identical. So, if you see that the label doesn’t fit quite right, you know why. You’re holding an original in your hands!

It took us a long time to get here. With multiple iterations of our swimming blue shark and several bottle samples, we took our time to get it right. That’s why every handcrafted bottle of Blue Shark Vodka is a perfect representation of the North Carolina grown and crafted vodka inside.

We put as much attention into crafting our bottles as we do the Blue Shark Vodka that goes inside. And we know that you’ll love our Blue Shark Vodka, inside and out!

Sample Bottle No.1

Shipped in early November 2013. Anticipation mounted as the first prototype was unveiled. For the first time… a shark in a bottle. YES! But there were still adjustments to be made: an anatomically correct blue shark and we all thought a blue bottle would be even better.

Sample Bottle No.2

Arrived in March 2015. We had already determined our tagline: THE SHARK THAT WON’T BITE! And now our second bottle was in hand: a light blue bottle with a dark blue, better designed shark. But we weren’t happy yet. (The blue bottle was a big mistake!)

Sample Bottle No.3

While awaiting shipment of our third bottle, we continued to refine our vodka. We held yet another blind product taste test. The results were amazing! Thirteen of the fourteen focus group members chose our corn (gluten-free) Blue Shark Vodka. Definitely THE SHARK THAT WON’T BITE!

In September of 2016, the new set of sample bottles arrived—better, but still not perfect. We needed a better bottle still… taller, stronger, sexy with a better defined blue shark.

Sample Bottle No.4

Delivered in December of 2017. The bottle was certainly taller with stronger walls and base. Our factory asked if we needed any additional changes. Of course, we did! We are all borderline perfectionists. (The tweeks were minimal!) We reduced the size of the blue shark inside the bottle and the coral itself. Check out the short video that shows our artists creating each of the blue sharks.

Check out the short video that shows our artists creating each of the blue sharks.